About us

We are a California-based company specializing on skincare products that are natural, safe and effective.  Here, we understand that looking good starts from the face. We wanted to steer away from creams and lotions and all those manufactured ingredients, and instead focus on natural ways that are proven and trusted while being easy to apply. The result? The all-new Leu Beauty Facial Ice Roller. A product of innovation and technology that combines the benefits of cold therapy with massage therapy for nature-inspired skin care treatments and glowing looks. Cold therapy has been used since immemorial times to add radiance to the skin.  

Our facial ice roller can be used around the eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and face to treat a range of skin concerns with incredible outcomes. The massage effect increases circulation to the focus area while relieving tension. The ice comes in handy to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores by reducing the symptoms of redness and inflammation. Additionally, using the roller helps to infuse the actives in your treatment serum into the skin, thereby increasing their potential benefits. The roller is also compact, allowing it to be portable – it occupies minimal space among your everyday accessories.

On an environmental level, this is a proven sustainable and nature-friendly product. It limits the use of towels and plastic bags. A simple design backed by quality manufacturing ensures that it is durable and can be of use for years.  It uses ice as the main ingredient, therefore adding to its reusable and natural properties.

The Leu Beauty Facial Ice Roller comes packing even more incredible features that simply separate it from the others in the market. It sports a visually appealing design that renders it undoubtedly elegant. It has a lid which secure the liquid inside the product. The grip is comfortable and firm to ensure it does not slip from your hand and can be used anywhere, whether from the comfort of your home or on the go. What's more? The rollers come in an exciting range of colors, including purple, gray, green, and sky blue. Quality material has been used to make the rollers and guarantee they stay cold for long. They can easily be refilled with water. If you are looking for a specific result or that extra fragrance, you can use ingredients of your choice, such as cucumber with water, rose water, aloe water, coconut water, etc.

Our facial ice roller can be used daily, making for the perfect partner to complement your skincare routine. We advise using your Leu Beauty Facial Ice Roller each morning for an instant lift to tired skin and ultimately give your face a healthy glow. Focus around the eyes and areas with inflammation or breakouts. Remember to store the ice roller in a freezer/fridge for a few hours or overnight for the full effect.

At Leu Beauty, we aim to revolutionize the beauty and cosmetics industry through natural means that have positive, long-term results for the customer. We are passionate about effective skincare and proud to serve people who love their skin. Although based in California, we are accessible through online shopping platforms. Our products can be delivered to clients in any part of the USA. Plans are underway to expand and reach into the European market. Above all,

We believe in each person's beauty and celebrate diversity as a powerful tool. We welcome everyone who shares the same belief to join our community.